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Other Products

Dog Seat Belts (True Fit Harness):

Dog Seat Belt
A comfortable seat belt available in multiple sizes to fit any size dog. These Seat Belts fit and work extremely well and you can use it as a training harness. With two basic adjustments, each size you can fully adjusted for the neck and body. Available in Black or Red.(Click image for larger view.)

Cool Coats:
Cool Coats Cool coats are made of a quality two-ply terry cloth and a quality velcro. It is easy to fit and is very comfortable for your dog. Just dip it in water, wring it out and put it on your dog. Close the velcro strap around the neck and then close the other strap around the body . The coat will stay cool for about 2 to 21/2 hrs. After that or when needed take a spray bottle of cool water and spray the coat while on the dog to get back to the original coolness. Comes in blue/green and pink. (Click image for larger view.)

Winter Coats: Anti-Chew Spray

A winter rain coat that keeps your dog dry and warm. The water resistant outer shell is backed by a water proof liner, then the fleece lining is added for warmth. Comes in purple, red and green.(Click image for larger view.)

Fleece Warm Coats: Winter Coat
The fleece warm coat is a quality made coat that fits your dog perfectly. The velcro straps fit around the neck and the mid section of the dog. All the straps are adjustable so whatever size is ordered, such as a Dalmatian, the straps can be adjusted for a particular dog. The outside is a patterned fleece and the inside a solid fleece. The coats are completely washable. Comes in red/black plaid, tan/black plaid and pink. (Click image for larger view.)


trolley smallThe trolleys are all aluminum and come in three configurations:1 Door, 2 Door and 4 Door. They all have the same measurements, LENGTH 36 1/2 inches, WIDTH 25 1/2 inches and HEIGHT 35 1/2 inches (add 6" when wheels are attached). They will fold to 5 1/2 inches in width and come in 3 color coated colors: Silver, Purple and Blue. When folded they will fit into SUVs, crossovers, motor homes, pickups and large trunk autos.(Click image for larger view.)

Cage Covers:

Cage CoverOur mesh covers are made of poly/vinyl fabric that is U.V. rated. They filter out the sun and let the dog stay cooler because the mesh allows the air to flow through. It is ideal for dog shows, sporting events and camping. It has snap closures on all four corners for security as shown on the larger image. (Click image for larger view.)

Grooming Tables:

Grooming Tables
This is a quality table with folding legs. The top is non slip. It is a very sturdy unit that can handle any weight dog. The table comes with a arm clamp and an adjustable arm. This table is ideal for a grooming area. Comes in three sizes. (Click image for larger view.)

Dual Motor Dryer:

Dual Motor Dryer
The most powerful dual motor dryer in the market. The airflow at full speed is 278 mph. This dryer has a rheostat for air flow control. This dryer is extremely quite and no ear plug is needed. The dryer will save you at least 20% drying time. It's easy to maintain, the brushes last from 800 to 1000 hours and it takes only 15 minutes to change the brushes. (Click image for larger view.)

Monster Dryer:

Anti-Chew SprayIf there is one word to use to describe this super dryer, it is MONSTER. The blow force of the MONSTER is incredible. This single motor could beat every double motor on the market from both wind speed and blow force. This dryer has to revolutionize the world of single motor pet dryers.(Click image for larger view.)

Anti-Chew Spray:

Anti-Chew SprayA long lasting non toxic product. It protects your furniture, shoes, plants fences, etc. It is made with a combination of ingredients more powerful than anything on the market today, yet it will not irritate the skin. Anti Chew is very safe to use and will not injure your dog's skin or tongue. (Click image for larger view.)

Vetericyn Spray:

Vetericyn SprayFDA cleared one step wound and infection treatment for the following: Cuts, Cinch Fungus, scratches, skin infections, ringworm, abscess sites, hot spots, respiratory, eye infections, tract infections, rain rot, skin rashes, skin ulcers and a lot more. Simply spray on, Vetericyn cleans, treats, and heals all in one step. (Click image for larger view.)

Vetericyn Ophtalmic Eye Gel:

Vetericyn Spray
Vetericyn Opthalmic eye gel, works great on alerigec eyes, red eye, running eye, soothes pink eye, scratchie eye and fungus in the eye. Not for human use. (Click image for larger view.)

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Great Items. Order Today! Cage CoverBesides our LOUNGERS (Refer to this sample and Lounger link), we carry the above find products for the comfort and maintenance of your dog or puppy. (Click this image for a larger view.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any questions about your order. You can contact us by email, FAX or by phone.

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